Water treatment requires the use of a huge variety of chemicals. Discover Nord Chemical Products' offer in this section.

NORDFLOC Bleaching Resin

Diciandyamide/Formaldehide resing correspong to high molecular weight cationic polymers, used as cationizing agent in waste waters' bleaching or as colours' fixative.

Nordfloc 160

Nordfloc 150

Nordfloc 140

NORDPAC Aluminium Polychloride

Aluminium Polychloride with cationic charge used as coagulant and clarifying agent in treating many types of waste waters. The use of this product encourages flakes' aggregation and speed up sedimentation, even in compination with organic polymers.

Nord PAC 18% in Al2O3

Nord PAC 10% in Al2O3

Nord PAC 10% HB in Al2O3

Nordpac 18 and Nordpac 10 are inorganic liquid flocculant agents based on polynuclear cationic compounds, completely soluble in water. These are products with cationic charge used as coagulant and clarifyng agent in treating a huge variety of waste waters. Nordpac 10HB (high basicity) is a non-ionic flocculant agent used for water clarification process, for drinking water treatment and for swimming pool water preparation.

NORDSOL Aluminium Sulphate

It's a inorganic flocculant agent, liquid or hydrated, completely soluble in water, used as inorganic coagulant in waste waters treatment and paper industry.

Aluminium sulphate solution 8% in Al2O3

Aluminium sulphate hydrated 17,5% in Al2O3

NORDFER Ferric Chloride

Iron salt used as coagulant and clarifyng agent for a huge variety of waste waters.

NORDTRI Aluminium Trichloride

Aluminium chloride used as coagulant and clarifyng agent for a huge variety of waste water.

Tricloruro di alluminio 8% in Al2O3

NORDALL Sodium Aluminate

Sodium Aluminate solution is used as alkaline organic flocculat in water treatment, paper industry and as setting accelerator additive in concrete artifact.

Sodium Aluminate 8%

Sodium Aluminate 24%

NORDPOL Polyelectrolytes

Our polyelectrolytes are used in waste waters and organic/inorganic sludges conditioning, in industrial process waters treatment, in mechanic filtration/dehydration processes, in clari-flocculation treatments in combination with inorganic coagulant agents. Polyelectrolytes are available in powder or in aqueous emulsion, cationic or anionic.


Nordpol C3900 SA charge A powder

Nordpol SA 2905 charge M/A 80% powder

Nordpol CL1908 charge M/A 80% in aqueous solution

Nordpol A41 PWG

organic powder polyelectrolyte for potable water use


Nordpol A3600 S charge A

Nordpol A3450 S PWG powder

Nordpol A3600 S charge A

Nordpol AH43 charge M 30% in powder

Nordpol AL43 charge M 30% in aqueous solution


Defoamers from Nordfoam set used in water treatments can be silicone or not (base oil, water or fatty agents). Silicone defoamers are more versatile, due their high features of resistance to acid and alkali, together with their stability over time).


Nordfoam AS10

Nordfoam AS20

Nordfoam AS30

Oil Base

Nordfoam AF06

Nordfoam AF97

Nordfoam OL3000

Water Base

Nordfoam Biobin

Nordfoam 160T

OXYNORD Peracetic Acid

It's a strong oxidizing agent used in paper and carton industry for sterilization entrance water treatment and waste waters sewage plants. It is also used as biocidal product with antiliming function and and for food chain sanitization. These products are used in sweage plants that discharge directly into superficial streams, and that have to guarantee the toal absence of any pathogen.

Oxynord 15%

Oxynord 5%

Oxynord 2%

NORDCARB Activated Carbon

Nordcarb GZ8

Granular mineral activated carbon. This product has a good mechanic resistance, high porosity, excellent ad-sorbing capacity towards many different organic pollutants such as surfactants, phenols and tannins. Nordcarb GZ8 is used for treatment and bleaching of water intended for human consumption, and for industrial and civil waste water treatment.

Nordcarb SP 12

powder mineral carbon, activated with water vapor, characterized by medium porosity and low micro-porosity. It's particularly suitable for absorption of organic contaminants' high quantities. Therefore, it is used in drinking water treatment, industrial and civil wate water, in bleaching, in food and pharmaceutical products' purification. This product is also suitable for theadsorption of those heavy metal contained in all fumes produced by waste' thermal combustion.

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