In this section you may find alla concrete additives
contained in Nord Chemical Products' offer.


Mixture of inorganic salts based on aluminium sulphate used as setting accelerator. It is particularly suitable for the first phase of tunnels' coating in concrete sprayed, restoration of existing tunnels, dams' faces, canals' walls, reservoirs and embankments. The shotcrete made with NORDQUICK has high initial and final mechanical properties.

NORDALL Sodium Aluminate

Sodium Aluminate in aqueous solution can be used as coagulant-alkalizing agent in water treatment, paper industry and ad additive accelerant in concrete artifacts.

Sodium Aluminate 8%

Sodium Aluminate 24%

NORDCAL Calcium Nitrate

Setting acceleratore, it increases processability when used in combination with components that reduce hydration speed, it increases mechanical resistance, it is corrosion protection agent for ferrous reinforcement.

Calcium Nitrate 50%

NORDSOD Sodium Nitrate

Neutral salt saline solution used as setting accelerator. Its uses are various, generally wherever a strong oxidizing component is needed.

Sodium Nitrate 40%

NORDCLOR Calcium Chloride

It's used in concrete and in sludgy environments reinforcements.It is also used as antifreeze liquid and as antidust agent.

Calcium Chloride 32%


It's a melamine-base fluidifyng agent, particularly suitable for preparing: high fluidity concrete, ready-mixed concrete where a high workability is required, ready-mixed concrete for waterproof works (sewage plants, canals, tanks) and ready-mixed concrete for reinforced concrete works exposed to aggressive agents (beams, pillars, bidges decks, viaducts, etc)

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