About Us

Nord Chemical Products, founded in 2013, gathers and extends experience of previous Mercato Saraceno (Forlì), which was totally dedicated to PAC production (whose plant had a production capacity of 30.000 tons per year).

The production site is located in Guardamiglio, Lodi, at the exit of Piacenza Nord on Milano-Bologna highway, has a strategic position ,being crossroads along most important traffic thouroghfares of North of Italy. Now the company produces a wide range of chemicals for different fields of application such as:

Water Treatment

Concrete Additives



Nord Chemical Products' primary goal is to raise awareness in our customers about our will to give them a complete service,including commercial assistance, technical competence and training.


Nord Chemical Products offers itself as a key reference point in chemicals supply system, providing its customers know how and technologies to achieve an high quality standard and ad hoc solutions.

Our Core Values


Nord Chemical Products consider environment, health and safety as part and parcel of its business management.


Our company supports and encourages competences, skills and experiences' acquisition, so the internal team will be accountable and advanced.


Nord Chemical Products is proud of its plant engineering and productive flexibility, and of its qualified staff to lead different productions.


Primary goal of the company is to establish mutual respect and trust relationship with both its customers and suppliers, in order to start long-term collaborations.