Nord Chemical Products produces and sells chemicals additives for coating industry, in particular for paints suitable for all application field.

Nordfoam NS 06

Non Silicone Defoamer, 100% oil-based, VOC APEO free for coating.

Nordfoam STM

Defoamer suitable for paint and solvent-based inks.

Nordfoam 8841

Silicone Defoamer specific for coating.

Nordfoam AFD

Silicone Defoamer with high deareation efficiency.


Wetting agent for charge and pigment used in paints and plastic coatings.

Nordwet 100

Nordwet 50

Nordwet 35

Surfenord 401E

It highly increases wettability and adhesion of surfaces difficult to treat, such as plastics.


Anionic dispersing agent.

Polydis NA

Polydis K

Polydis A


Rheology modifier used in formualting paint with high viscosity in tin; it can be incorporated in paints as co-gelling agent.

Polyvisc FA

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