This section describes our range of additives for concrete


This product is a mixture of inorganic salts, based on aluminum, functioning as an accelerator.. It is particularly suitable for the first coating stage for galleries made of sprayed conglomerate cement, for the renovation of existing tunnels, for micropoles retaining walls, for upstream face of dams, sewers walls, reservoirs and escarpments. Concretes made with Nordquick present high mechanical characteristics, both initial and final.

NORDALL Sodio alluminato

Sodium aluminate solution can be used as a coagulant-alkalizing agent in water treatments, in paper industry and as an accelerator in cement products.

Sodium aluminate 8%

Sodium aluminate 24%

NORDCAL Calcium nitrate

Nordcal functions as an accelerator. It increases the workability when used with components that reduce the hydration rate. It also increases the medium term mechanical strength and works a corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcements.

Calcium nitrate 50%

NORDSOD Sodium nitrate

This saline solution with neutral salt is used as a setting accelerator. It can be used in multiple processes, wherever it a strong oxidizing components needed.

Sodium nitrate 40 %

NORDCLOR Calcium chloride

Nordclor is used in concrete manufactures, in cement and in concrete works in muddy environments. It is widely used as antifreeze liquid and as dust reducer.

Calcium chloride 32 %


Nordmel is a fluidizing based on melamine, particularly suitable for the preparation of: high fluidity concrete and high service performance, in ready-made concrete that requires high workability at a low water-cement ratio, in ready-made concrete for waterproof structures (waste water treatment plants, tanks, canals, etc.), in the preparation of ready-made concrete for reinforced concrete works exposed to aggressive agents (beams, columns, bridge decks, viaducts etc.)

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