A wide range of chemical products of highest quality is available thanks to the experience of Nord Chemical Products. Through our competence and flexibility we became qualified suppliers and ideal partners for third parties production.


The company

NCP, founded in 2013, continues and expands the experience gained from Nordchem in its actual plant and in the previous one located in Mercato Saraceno (Forlì) fully dedicated to the Aluminium Polychloride production ( capacity 30.000 ton/year). The production plant is now located in Guardamiglio (Lodi), just near the Piacenza Nord exit of Milano- Bologna motorway, an important and a very strategic position, as it is a vital point of the Northern Italy transport network.

At present, the company produces a wide range of chemical products for different fields of application:

  • waste-water treatment
  • building industry
  • NOx abatement
  • metals surface treatment
  • inorganic salt
  • third parties productions

We produce chemicals
since 1998

Thanks to competence and flexibility of its staff, Nord Chemical Products can be considered as a potential high quality products supplier for your company. Furthermore, Nord Chemical Products can be an ideal partner for research and development for third parties manufacturing, respecting obviously secrecy agreements. Our UNI EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees high quality standard of production processes.